Things To Do in Las Vegas Off the Strip – Away from the Neon Lights by Matt Lashley

From the author:

This is a follow up to my book, Free Things to Do on the Strip: a self-guided tour. The following are things to do that are off the Strip, away from the neon lights – well, at least most of it. Some of these things are free, and I have grouped them in the first section. Everything else will cost you money. However, I have only included those things to do off of the Strip that are reasonable in price. Most of these places are not too far from the Strip and can be easily reached by car. I have also tried to list prices and hours of these places, but you should always check the websites or call for current information.

I have also included things for kids to do in Las Vegas. Kids can get bored quickly, and this city was not designed for them. There are a few arcades in some hotels, and there are pools for swimming when the weather is warm, but parents can run out of ideas to provide entertainment for their children quickly. Many of these destinations are suitable for families

This book is illustrated with photos.

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