Taco Bell Cantina

I like having a beer or two with Mexican food, but that’s at a restaurant. You know, the kind with menus that you hold in your hands? Mexican fast food doesn’t involve beer, only soda pop. The only way I can have a beer at a place like Taco Bell is to go through the drive thru and bring it home, but … Welcome to Las Vegas! We have a Taco Bell on the Strip, and you can order all of your favorites along with a beer. This is why they added the word cantina. Is it a cantina? No, it’s just Las Vegas. The food is reasonably priced for the Strip. I have to mention that the last time I was here, I thought the music was a bit loud. But it was a Saturday night, and I’m getting old.

For the record, you can also buy wine here, if you are inclined to have wine with tacos or a burrito. They also have a selection of frozen daiquiris for your drinking pleasure. The daiquiris are available without alcohol, if you prefer them that way.

The Taco Bell Cantina is located across from the Cosmopolitan on E. Harmon. Next door to Subway and McDonald’s.