Cashman Stadium

This is the former home of the Las Vegas 51s, a AAA Minor League baseball team. They have now relocated to Summerlin, which is in the northwest area of the Valley. They have been renamed the Las Vegas Aviators and are the Oakland A’s triple A affiliate. Now, Cashman Stadium is home to the Las Vegas Lights FC, a team in the USL Championship. This is division II soccer and is one level below Major League Soccer.

The ballpark was designed for baseball, so they are playing their games from the first base line to left field. The better view of the games will be the seats along what used to be the third base line and toward left field

Many of you will not be interested in a soccer game when visiting Las Vegas, but for those who have an extended stay and cannot afford to gamble every day, you may enjoy a Las Vegas Lights game.

The biggest problem with outdoor sports in Las Vegas is the weather. The summers in Las Vegas are hot, even in the evening. I am used to the desert heat, as long as it’s dry, but sometimes in the summer, when the rainy season begins, the heat is accompanied by humidity. These times are miserable for an outdoor game, baseball or soccer. My advice for a visitor to Las Vegas is to attend a game when the humidity is low.

Many people are not ready for the heat of a day game, nor the humidity at any time, day or night. If it is the summer, try to attend a game on a day that is low in humidity, and try to see an evening game. If you do attend a day game, make sure you have a hat and sunglasses. It will certainly make the sun more tolerable.

Their season runs from mid-March to mid-October. More information can be found at the Lights website.