The City Bus on the Strip

Although there are many ways to get up and down the Strip, the RTC bus system is without question the simplest and the cheapest. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) operates an elaborate bus system that serves the entire valley. However, as a visitor to the Strip in Las Vegas, you need only concern yourself with the bus that operate there.

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas since the lockdown, you will notice that the Strip now has only one bus in operation. Previously, there was an express bus that only stopped at certain places on the Strip and traveled further than the other bus, called the Deuce. The express bus, known as the SDX, never returned after Las Vegas began to open up again. Now, there is only the Deuce. This is the double-decker bus that now serves the entire Strip and extends all the way to the South Premium Outlets to the south and travels all the way north to Downtown Las Vegas, stopping at Fremont Street.

The Deuce arrives at each bus stop every 10 to 15 minutes, so there is seldom a long wait.

When traveling south, the Deuce stop at the Premium Outlets South before ending its southern trek at the Sunset terminal. Here, it begins its journey north again. However, if you find yourself on the bus at the Sunset terminal, you will have to depart and cross through the terminal to catch the next Deuce traveling north.

When traveling north, the Deuce will make its last stop a few yards before Fremont street, across from the Golden Nugget. To catch the Deuce heading south, back to the Strip, you will catch the bus on the corner of Fremont St. and 5th St., next to the Heart Attack Grill.

You can purchase a bus pass at any of the bus stops along the Strip.

It costs $6 for a two-hour pass; however, a 24-hour pass is only $8 and a good value. Passes can be purchased on the bus or at the vending machines located at most of the bus stops along the Strip.

Further information on fares can be found here:

Fares & Passes

I have taken the bus on the Strip at all hours of the day and week. For the most part, it isn’t much different from any other city bus, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Because this is Las Vegas, the bus can become a bit rowdy, often with a party-like atmosphere. Sometimes people may appear to be intoxicated. Take all of this in stride. As long as there is no violence, remember to be tolerant. Also, these buses can become crowded, usually though, this is on the weekends or holidays. When this happens, you may have to stand up, but younger people may give you their seat if you are an older person. If you find the bus too crowded for your tastes, you can simply get off and catch the next bus.

A special tip for the budget-minded tourist
Although a 24-hour bus pass is $8, a 24-hour bus pass is only $5 everywhere else in Las Vegas. If you want to save $3, you can get a pass on a bus headed east or west from the Strip. Then, you can walk across the street (in a crosswalk) and go back to the Strip. There aren’t buses running along every street that passes through the Strip. There are, however, buses running along:

Tropicana Ave.
Flamingo Rd.
Spring Mountain Rd.
Sahara Ave.

If you are on foot, you may not be able to do this. However, if you’re close enough, you may be able to walk to the bus stop. From here, you can buy a bus pass for $5, and then go down the street, then come back. However, there are interesting things to see. Although there is nothing of interest to the east, traveling to the west offers several casinos and one cultural area.

Tropicana Ave. – You can visit the Orleans hotel and casino.
The MGM, Tropicana, New York-New York, and Excalibur hotels are located on Tropicana Ave. and the Strip. Heading west, catch the bus (201A or 201B) on the side of New York-New York, across from the side of the Excalibur. It will be on the right side of the street. You can’t miss it.

Flamingo Rd. You can visit the Rio, Gold Coast and the Palms
Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Bally’s, and the Cromwell are located on the four corners of Flamingo Rd. and the Strip. Heading west, catch the bus (202) on the side of Caesars Palace across from the side of the Bellagio. The Rio will be the first hotel, and it will be on the right side of the street. The Gold Coast is on the right side past the traffic light, and the Palms is across from the Gold Coast. You can’t miss any of these hotels.

Spring Mountain Rd. – You can visit China Town
Fashion Show mall, Treasure Island, the Palazzo, and Wynn are located on the four corners of Spring Mountain and the Strip. Heading west, catch the bus (203) on the side of Fashion Show Mall by Neiman Marcus across from the side of Treasure Island. China Town is three blocks after you pass over the freeway on Valley View Blvd. It continues along Spring Mountain Rd. for another block. Most of it is on the left side of the street, so you will need to cross at the traffic light on Valley View Blvd. The restaurants and shopping are within walking distance of this intersection. Most of the shopping will be in strip malls, as well as many of the restaurants.

Sahara Ave. – You can visit the Palace Station hotel and casino
The Sahara hotel, the Bonanza Gift Shop and a Walgreen’s drug store are on the corners of Sahara Ave. and the Strip. Heading west, catch the Sahara Express (SX) on the Bonanza Gift Shop side of the street. Palace Station is just over the freeway on the left side of the street. Cross at the traffic light.

Even if you have already spent money on the Strip for a 24-hour pass, or have bought a pass good for several days, it’s still a good deal, and you can visit the casinos listed above, as well as China Town.


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