About Our Authors

Ken Osterman

Ken has been developing systems, methods, and angles for a wide range of gambling games and sports wagering activities for more than 25 years, and successfully applying them at various casinos and sports books. He spends his time writing and playing his favorite systems in casinos and sports books throughout his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Doug Masters

Mr. Masters has been handicapping horse races for more than three decades. Although most of this time was spent at racetracks in Southern California, today Doug Masters makes his home in Las Vegas, where he applies his time handicapping and betting skill on tracks throughout the country.

Matthew Lashley

Matt is a writer and indie publisher who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and subsequent success at getting it under control, he has written a book about his experience with the disease, Type 2 Diabetes: From diagnosis to a new way of life, and hopes that others can be helped with what he as learned about life as a type 2 diabetic. Matt currently is focused on writing about tourism in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Luke Meadows

A long-time Southern California resident, Luke Meadows has been traveling to Las Vegas on the weekends and taking most of his vacations in Las Vegas for over 30 years. An engineer by trade, his methodical approach to problem solving has made him a successful gambler in casinos up and down the Strip as well as throughout the rest of Las Vegas.

Ron Charleston

For more than 20 years, Ron Charleston worked in the field of electrical engineering, but after a sudden layoff, he found himself unemployed and with few career options in sight. This led to a new outlook on his personal finances and income generation. Today, Ron is self-employed, and makes his income exclusively from online activity.

Anthony T. Richards

Anthony Richards was a successful quarter horse handicapper in the 1970s up until the mid 90s on the west coast. The foundation of his method was based upon class. His method and ideas were written down in 1983 and have now been published again in 2020 – How to Handicap Quarter Horse Racing.