Downtown Summerlin

Summerlin is located in the northwest portion of the valley. This affluent area of the Las Vegas region has never had a lot of shopping, but with the addition of Downtown Summerlin, there is now plenty of stores to shop at, and all of them bunched together.
Technically, this is not the downtown area of Summerlin; there really isn’t anything that could be regarded as downtown. In fact, Summerlin is not technically a city, but is an unincorporated part of Clark County. Downtown Summerlin gets its name from the main street layout of the stores. It is located outdoors with shops along each side of a two lane street; the way many Main Streets are traditionally laid out around the country. The sidewalks are large, and the stores have windows that often have displays to tempt you into entering the store.
Along with smaller shops, there is also a large department store, a movie theater and many places to eat. I enjoy going here from time to time, and enjoy the leisurely walk up and down the streets. The last time I visited here was a Saturday, and they had a farmer’s market. At the time of this writing, it had become a weekly event held every Saturday.
One thing I don’t like about the layout is that when you walk down to the end of the street, you will reach a Dillard’s department store. This is not the end of the shopping center. On the other side of the department store are more stores and many good places to eat. The first time I went here, I stumbled upon the additional stores and restaurants, because I was looking for a specific place to eat. Maybe there was a sign, and I missed it, but if you walk around Dillard’s, you will find the rest of the stores. You may be able to walk through the department store, but I’m not sure. I’ve never been a big Dillard’s shopper, so I didn’t go in.
The closest hotel and casino is the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. In fact, if you’re staying here, you can easily walk to Downtown Summerlin. It is located in the back of the hotel property. If you’re staying on the Strip, I think the best way to get here by car is to take W. Sahara Blvd. It is approximately 10.5 miles from the Strip to Downtown Summerlin. If the traffic is not too heavy, you can get there in 25 minutes. Simply make a right turn at S. Pavilion Center Dr., you can’t miss it.
This is the entrance to the shopping area.


Here is a photo of Downtown Summerlin looking back towards the Red Rock Hotel.



This photo is facing the opposite direction towards Dillard’s.


This photo is on the side of the shopping complex.



You can get a complete list of stores here:

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