MLB Runs-per-game 2020

Hello baseball fans,

Opening day was postponed, as all of you are grimly aware of. But even though the season will be shortened, I do believe that there will be an abbreviated season, and I also believe that there will be bets on these games somewhere in the world.

If you are using my book Betting on Major League Baseball: The Underdog Method, here are the dollar values for runs in each league.

For the year 2020, we will use average runs per game from 2019.

The following are the averages for 2019.

National League 4.78 runs per game

American League 4.88 runs per game

Dividing a dollar by runs per game gives us the following:

National League 20.9 cents per run or 0.209 dollars per run

American League 20.5 cents per run or 0.205 dollars per run

If you follow baseball, you will notice a large increase in runs per game. I’m not sure why. With testing the way it is, I have to believe that more players are simply swinging for the fence.

Here’s hoping the season starts soon.

Good luck in 2020!

Ken Osterman