Things To Do In Downtown Las Vegas By Matt Lashley

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When people think of Las Vegas, they are usually thinking about the Strip, but there is a whole other Las Vegas that can be experienced. This is called Downtown Las Vegas, or as it is sometimes called, old Las Vegas. Much of Downtown Las Vegas isn’t so old anymore. Some of the buildings have been torn down, The Las Vegas Club is one example. Other buildings have been completely renovated, both inside and out. Some of these hotels may have new names you are not familiar with. In addition, there are new attractions that you may not know about. There has been a big effort by both the city and the casinos to develop the area, creating new and exciting attractions, and all of this was done while preserving the spirit of the Las Vegas of the past. Some of what you find here no longer exists on the Strip.

This book tells you about all of the highlights in and around Downtown Las Vegas. You will learn about the new free Loop Shuttle that takes you around an outer loop to make it easy to get around. This shuttle service is free, and gives you an opportunity to see a lot more of Downtown Las Vegas while you are there. The heart of Downtown Las Vegas is Fremont Street, and it has become quite a spectacle. There is a lot to see by walking casually down this pedestrian only street.

Many of the attractions in and around Downtown Las Vegas cost money, but there are many free things to do as well. All of the major things to do for free are covered. The highlights of the most unusual and popular places to eat are discussed.

Generally speaking, the cost of everything is lower in Downtown Las Vegas than on the Strip, so your money will go further. You may choose to stay at a downtown hotel while in Las Vegas, but if you are staying on the Strip, it is easy to get here by car. And if you don’t have transportation, this book explains exactly how to get there by bus.

Things To Do In Downtown Las Vegas describes exactly what each attraction is and exactly where it is located. Hours of operation and admission prices are included when applicable. Web sites are also listed, so readers can find the latest information. There are photos found throughout the book for most of the places that are written about.

Read this book, and begin planning your next trip to Vegas to include Downtown Las Vegas.

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