MLB Dollars per Run for 2022

Baseball has returned, and at this time, it looks like they are playing a 162 game schedule. I was a bit surprised that they reached an agreement, but they seemed to do it at the last possible moment to save the season. Opening day, however, has been moved to April 7.

I have to say, I’m extremely happy about this. Here in Las Vegas, we are the home to the Oakland A’s triple A affiliate, the Las Vegas Aviators. I’m hoping to take in a couple of games this season, as last year they required masks, and I didn’t want to wear a mask in 100 degree temperatures.

If you are using my book Betting on Major League Baseball: The Underdog Method, here are the dollar values for runs in each league.

For the year 2022, these are the average runs per game from 2021.

National League 4.46 runs per game

American League 4.60 runs per game

Dividing a dollar by runs per game gives us the following:

National League 22.4 cents per run or 0.224 dollars per run

American League 21.7 cents per run or 0.217 dollars per run

Good luck!

Ken Osterman