Shopping in Las Vegas by Matt Lashley

From the Introduction:

Let me first explain what this book is not about. It is not about every place on the Strip where you can possibly shop. Neither have I restricted myself to talking about shopping exclusively on the Strip. There is a discussion of some of the highlights of shopping throughout he valley as well. As far at the Strip goes, I have limited the discussion to those areas that are large retail centers that resemble traditional malls. Many of the larger casinos have a certain amount of shopping in them. Examples include the Bellagio, Monte Carlo, the MGM and Mandalay Bay to name a few. But the retail stores at these hotels are limited in number, and many of the stores can be found elsewhere in the larger shopping centers. This is especially true in places like the Bellagio.

If you are staying on the Strip, you may want to limit your shopping interests to the main retail venues, but if you are interested in the full range of retail centers in the valley, you will find other parts of the book interesting as well. Some of these shopping venues are located near hotels in other parts of the Las Vegas area, so if you are staying off the Strip, one of these venues may be near you.

I have also tried to include the highlights of these shopping sites, other than specific retail stores and restaurants. Even without buying anything, many of these shopping venues are an attraction all by themselves.


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