KISS Monster Mini Golf

If you’re familiar with this miniature golf place but haven’t been to Las Vegas in a while, it has moved. It used to be located on Paradise Road. It has now been relocated inside the Rio Hotel. I like the new location. Before it was in a strip mall across from the Hard Rock hotel. To me, this was a bit far from the Strip. Although the Rio is not on the Strip, it’s close.

The indoor portion of KISS Monster Mini Golf has not changed. The following is my original article about it.

As a big fan of traditional miniature golf courses, I can tell right now that this is not what this miniature golf course is. By traditional miniature golf, I mean the big outdoor courses with castles and windmills. We used to have one here in Las Vegas. It was located near the 15 freeway. In fact, you could easily see it when traveling southbound before the Sahara exit. They closed it several years ago, and I have missed it ever since.

So if you decide to go to KISS Monster Mini Golf, put a traditional miniature golf course out of your mind. To be fair, this miniature golf is not meant to be such a place, and I knew that when visiting it. It is indoors, and it is designed to be glow in the dark with the use of black lighting. The balls are various colors, and they glow in the dark as well. You can easily see other golfers and the entire course, but you need to walk slowly and watch your step. A single round of golf seemed to go quickly, but this is most likely due to a smaller indoor course versus a large outdoor course that requires more walking. Still, I enjoyed myself, and it is something to do besides gambling while you are in Las Vegas. Just remember, if you go for the golf, reduce your expectations, and you’ll probably enjoy it as I did.

If you are a big KISS fan, you will likely love this place. The entire interior references the band Kiss, and you will like everything to see around you. There is a gift shop that you can visit before or after you golf. There is a lot of KISS memorabilia in glass cases that was interesting. I confess, I did buy the KISS live album when I was in middle school, but by the time I entered high school, I had moved on to other rock bands. My point being, even former KISS fans will find the interior decorations and the memorabilia interesting.

KISS Monster Mini Golf is located inside the Rio in their retail area known as Masquerade Village. It is towards the rear of the shopping area, underneath the Smash Burger restaurant.

The KISS VW Bug located outside of the miniature golf course. Photos courtesy of Rachel Osterman

Here’s a view from the front.


You can get current pricing at their website

3700 W Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103


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