Resorts World

A few comments after my first visit to Resorts World
This is a brand-new property on the Strip, and was built on the site of the old Stardust hotel and casino. It was a long time coming because of the Great Recession. I think the original project was called Echelon. The Boyd people sold the property to a new Investment group, and they started building Resorts World, but then there was Covid-19, and everything was put on hold for a time. Eventually they finished construction, and now it is open for business.

If you decide to visit Vegas, you might want to stop by just to see what it’s like. Of course, you can stay there if you desire; the hotel has 3,500 rooms. It is, however, located on a desolate area of the Strip, so you will need transportation to get around while you’re here.

Entering by foot from the Strip, it’s an uphill climb, on cobblestone, to reach the front door. When you enter the front door, you will find yourself in a shopping complex called the District. It consists of a lot of upscale shopping. To find the casino, you’ll need to make a right turn after the front entrance, the entrance to the casino will be on your left, as you walk down the mall. You’ll find a lot of newer slot machines here; the minimums is a little higher than a lot of the other casinos. They also have a plenty of table games.

They have a food court they call Famous Foods Street Eats. Here, you will find a variety of cuisines from around the world, but there is an emphasis on Asian foods. Not being familiar with this type of food, I assume that all of these foods are a street version that can be found in the Far East and Southeast Asia. The food court is high-tech, and you can order electronically from machines found near the food court.

They also have a high-tech way of getting a player’s card. All you need is your driver’s license, and follow the instructions n the screen;, the machine will do the rest.

The Stardust was my favorite casino. This is not the Stardust. The Stardust, like Resorts World, is somewhat secluded on the Strip. But people would go to the Stardust because it had a reputation for being strictly for gamblers, as degenerate as we may have been back in the day. But I’m not sure what they were attempting to achieve with this property. Perhaps, it is designed for the high-end Las Vegas tourist. I can’t tell you about the quality of their rooms; I only know they are expensive. There is also fine dining here, and this may be attractive to the affluent crowd as well.

Still, if you haven’t seen the place, it might be worth a look while you are in Las Vegas. At the very least, you can see a sign of the old Stardust as you enter the front door.