The Most Powerful System Ever Devised for Thoroughbred Race Betting Plus 18 Spot Play Angles

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In this book by sports and horse racing handicapper Ken Osterman, he focuses exclusively on thoroughbred handicapping, and has put down in writing the one system he uses at race books throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. He has given this method the audacious title of, ”The Most Powerful System Ever Devised for Thoroughbred Race Betting.” In many ways it is the most powerful method because it is based upon solid mathematics and statistics. It can also be applied at any track, at any distance, for winning horses, three year old and upward, carded at any track in the United States or Canada.

This method can be used as a handicapping system all by itself, but what makes it even more attractive as a handicapping method is that it fits with other methods. You can use this method first, and then apply your favorite handicapping approach to the remainder of the field. Alternatively, you can do the opposite, and start with your handicapping approach. After finding what you believe to be the winner of the race, you can then apply this method to your choice. This will give your selection greater validity and strength, or it may give you a reality check by pointing out the weakness of your choice.

Along with the title method, there are a wide range of spot plays (angles) in this book, covering claiming races, sprints, speed, turf, maiden races, two year old races, long shot methods, beaten favorites, and other categories.

The following are the titles for each spot play in the book.

The New Low Claiming Price Angle
The B6 Sprint System for Thoroughbreds
Bet the Fastest Horse
The Route Speed Method
Class on the Turf
Three Strikes and You’re Out – A Maiden Claiming Route Angle
First Time Maiden Claiming
The Speed and Earnings Method
Best Jockey
Two Race Declines
A Beaten Favorite System
Twice Beaten Favorites
The Previous Odds Angle
The Sleeper Horse
The 4 1/2 Furlong Race System
Tote Board Magic
Tote Board Magic II
Betting Favorites Using the Modified d’Alembert Betting Method

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