Memoirs of a Life of Confusion by Matt Lashley

Looking back at my life, I can sum it all up in a single word: confusion. The only thing that is clear to me is that I never understood what the hell was going on.

I decided for the sake of my children that I would write down the story of my life. But as I reflected on everything that has happened to me and everything I have done, there was a common thread connecting all the events that transpired. I was always confused. For this reason I decided to ignore a chronological story and simply organize some of the highlights of my experiences by various categories of confusion.

I have written about events that have confused me in childhood, family meals, school, religion, reality, language, parenting, hindsight, and as an adult.

Granted, some of the things that confused me as a child, I now understand – sort of. And there are a few things I might understand if I wanted to do some research, but this doesn’t change the experience of bewilderment in situations that were seemingly normal to most other people.

Memoirs of a Life of Confusion is a light read that I hope will bring a smile to your face, and maybe brighten your day.

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