22 Things to Do on the Las Vegas Strip for $25 and Under by Matt Lashley

The Las Vegas Strip is expensive!

And since most people visiting the Strip have a limited budget, it is important to make your money stretch as far as it can. This is the reason for this book: to point out all of the things you can do on the Strip that are affordable. I have defined affordable as an activity that costs $25 or less. Above $25, there seems to be a jump to the low 30 dollar amount, and then ramping up to price tags that are outside of an average person’s bankroll.

There are many things you can do on the Strip for free, but I have already written extensively on the topic in my book Free Things To Do on the Las Vegas Strip: A Self-Guided Tour. This book serves as a companion guide, but it stands alone as a good guide for low-cost fun.

There is also a bonus section:

Eating for under $10

If you’re as old as I ma, you likely remember a time when you could eat cheap in Las Vegas. All the casinos wanted was your gambling dollars, and they would entice you with many attractive discounts. All that is gone. Today, they are trying to make money on everything. Most casinos are now charging for parking!

Las Vegas doesn’t want you to eat for under $10, but I have made it my mission to go up and down the Strip looking for the few possibilities that still exist. Use this section to plan a few of your meals in advance to save some of your cash for other things.

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