Valuable Systems, Angles and Spot Plays to Beat the Quarter Horse Races by Ken Osterman

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Quarter Horse racing may seem difficult to handicap, especially for those who are accustomed to thoroughbred handicapping, but in this book by Las Vegas based handicapper Ken Osterman, the difficulty melts away. Inside this book are a variety of approaches to quarter horse handicapping systems, angles and spot plays that are both clever and innovative.

The rules of the handicapping angles in this book are clearly explained and easy to use.

Included in this book are:

An in-depth approach to handicapping maiden claiming races.

The best way to compute class for two and three year old races.

A unique class rating for older horses that are uses with several of these angles.

A parallel time chart to aid in comparing final times at different distances.

Most of these systems are for picking winners on the straightaway, but there are two separate systems for 870 yard races: one for winners and one for maiden races.

All you need to use this book are the past performances, and with a few of these angles, perhaps a simple calculator.

These angles have been shown to be effective at all of the major quarter horse tracks in the United States.

This book is currently available:

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It is also available on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, 24Symbols, and Inktera.