Type 2 Diabetes: From diagnosis to a new way of life by Matthew Lashley

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From the author

This book tells the story of how my diabetic condition was discovered, my denial of the condition, then the work done to get my glucose level to levels that are close to normal. There is no magic solution to treating type 2 diabetes, but I hope the information that I gathered and applied to my own life may be helpful to everyone struggling with type 2 diabetes. There is no cure, and I will have this condition the rest of my life. However, type 2 diabetes can be treated and controlled with the proper approach and lifestyle changes. You can have a better quality of life with a diet that is compatible with this disease.

Topics include:

From denial to self-blame

How I found out what type 2 diabetes was

Acceptance and getting down to work


Type 2 diabetes is a serious illness

How many carbohydrates per day should the limit be?

My target glucose levels

Foods to eat and foods to avoid

The importance of fiber in the diet

Eating out at restaurants

Is the damage from type 2 diabetes reversible?

Can type 2 diabetes be prevented?

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