The Dream is Gone Economic Survival in 21st Century America by Ron Charleston

Say No to Credit – Say No to Banks

For many Americans, it may seem like they are moving rapidly out of the middle class and towards poverty. This is not just a feeling. The middle class is disappearing, and you need to take steps now to insure your economic survival, today and into the future.

Regardless of the propaganda on television about the American dream, the agenda for the average American is survival. This book teaches you how to get out of debt and stop using credit. Unlike what you hear from the mainstream media, good credit is not desirable. You want to avoid using credit altogether. In these pages, you will learn why and how to do it. You will also learn the danger of using banks, and how to get around having a traditional bank account.

Economic survival means breaking free from a system that takes from you and offers nothing in return. The only solution is to break free from it. Break free from credit and other economic traps laid by corporations that are only interested in profits. In these pages, you will learn how to rid your life of debt and live free with cash based finances.

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