NFL 2020 Season Picks and Results Week by Week

As the publisher of Ken Osterman’s The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method, I have decided to do the handicapping myself and post both the predictions and the results as the season goes along. I will update the picks each week on Friday and then post the results on Tuesday for that week. All point spreads will be from Westgate sports book in Las Vegas.

I will also post a video on my YouTube channel Teela Books. These same videos can be found on my Bitchute channel Stuck in Vegas.

Week 7 Picks
Giants +4.5
Panthers +7.5
Jets +13
Texans +3.5
Cardinals +3.5
Broncos +9.5
Buccaneers -4
Steelers +1
Jaguars +8

WEEK 6 Point spread bets 1-1
Browns +2 Lost
Eagles +8 Won

WEEK 5 Point spread bets 6-3
Buccaneers -3.5 Lost
Panthers +1 Won
Rams -7 Won
Jaguars +5.5 Lost
Bengals +13 Lost
Raiders +12 Won
Dolphins +9.5 Won
Giants +8.5 Won
Chargers +7.5 Won

WEEK 4 Point spread bets 4-2-1
Broncos +1 Won
Browns +4.5 Won
Vikings +3.5 Won
Redskins +14 Push
Giants +13.5 Won
Patriots +7 Lost
49ers -7 Lost