Jan. 31, 2019

The FLY LINQ Zipline

The Fly LINQ zipline is a new attraction on the Strip. It’s located above the LINQ Promenade and travels from just inside the entrance of the promenade and ends at the High Roller. It is similar to the Slotzilla zipline in Downtown Las Vegas, but this one is much higher. They claim it is seven stories high, and judging by the nearby Flamingo, this is about right.

They offer both the seated ride along with the superhero. The latter position has you flat like you’re Superman, flying through the sky. Unlike Slotzilla, the distance traveled for either seated or superhero is the same, as well as the height.

There are restrictions on who can ride.
You must be a minimum of 40 inches (1.016 meters) tall.
You must weigh at least 60 pounds ( 27 kg) but no more than 300 pounds (136 kg)
You must be at least 12 years old, but if under 18, a parent will need to sign a waiver form.

At the time of this writing, the prices were:

Before 5 PM
Seated $25
Superhero $35
After 5 PM
Seated $30
Superhero $40
Basically, they charge more when it gets dark. But right now it is winter time, so there will likely be time changes as the summer draws near. The latest information can be found at their website.


It should be noted that when this attraction first opened in November, there was a minor injury while riding in the superhero position. Supposedly, a man hit his head when braking at the end of the ride. Details were murky then and still are, but the bottom line is that the superhero position was temporarily halted. However, last Saturday, I was at the LINQ Promenade watching people ride the zipline, and not once did I see anything but seated riders. So the superhero may still be unavailable.

Entrance from the Strip


Approaching the High Roller