How to Handicap Quarter Horse Racing by Anthony T. Richards

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This is a fascinating book on handicapping quarter horse racing. Unlike other approaches that are simply too general to be of use, this book takes a comprehensive look at quarter horse handicapping by analyzing every possible factor that goes into determining the horse with the best chance of winning.

Occasionally, there will be a book that looks at speed handicapping, but these publications will only look at speed in a manner that is plain to see in the past performances and not what elements go into producing this speed.

Although the author uses class as his starting point, he takes a long look at other factors in quarter horse handicapping as well. After reading this book, you will not be overly focused on a quarter horse’s final times and speed ratings.

Here is the list of the topics covered

Tote Board
Minor Factors of Handicapping
Money Management
The Complete Quarter Horse Handicapping Method

This book was originally published in 1983. Although out of print for more than 20 years, it is now back in print from Teela Books publishing.

This book is currently available:

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