How to Handicap NFL Football The Smart Way by Ken Osterman

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This book contains the entire book The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method. It also contains supplemental information to improve your handicapping, along with several spot play angles.

The following is a description of The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method.

The purpose of this book is to explain a fundamental approach to making a profit betting on professional football games, especially for those with little time to handicap them.

This method will help you find an overlay in the point spread using the simplest and quickest method possible.

The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method teaches you how to create your own point spread for each game in the NFL.

The results using The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method for the 2015 season showed a flat bet profit over five percent. Although this may seem low to many people, this was for a method that was simple and completely mechanical. No subjective analysis was involved. As I have stated in my book, this is a strong foundation to build upon.

Table of Contents


An important first step in becoming a winning bettor

The basis of the Quick and Dirty NFL Method

How to create your own point spread

NFL 2013 season Week 7 – Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

NFL 2013 season Week 9 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Seattle Seahawks

NFL 2013 season Week 15 – Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions

Money Management

Improving this method

Mistakes to Avoid


Other information included is Ken Osterman’s method for calculating over and under totals. This is designed to give a football handicapper a good starting number that can be adjusted according to the factors you believe are most important.

Ken also explains teaser and parlay cards, and how to wager with them. Also included is an explanation on when to bet the money line, overused handicapping factors, and he offers general tips and advice for success when betting the NFL.

With all the information contained in this book, you will become a good handicapper without a lot of previous knowledge. And for those who are already good handicappers, you will likely find enough information here to improve your game.

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