19 Valuable Horse Racing Betting Systems by Ken Osterman

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The methods and angles that follow have been among Ken Osterman’s favorites over the years. They have been developed and tested on races at racetracks all over the country. There are systems that cover all three main breeds of horse racing: thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and standardbreds.

The rules of the handicapping angle are clearly explained and easy to find horses that qualify for a bet. There are a couple of systems that use that tote board and require no past performances.

These are systems that Ken Osterman has used successfully at race and sports books. The rules for each system are clearly explained, so it is understood why they work. Tips for improving these systems are also provided.

Here is the list of the systems


1 Best Jockey – Long Shot Method

2 Bet the Fastest Horse

3 The B6 Sprint System for Thoroughbreds

4 A Beaten Favorite System

5 Class on the Turf

6 The New Low Claiming Price Angle

7 The Route Speed Method

8 Three Strikes and You’re Out – A Maiden Claiming Route Angle

9 An Australian Thoroughbred Betting Method – Show a profit down under

Quarter Horse

10 The Hidden Speed Horse Angle

11 The Quarter Horse Speed Index Method

12 A Quarter Horse Elimination Method

Harness racing

13 The Qualifier Advantage

14 Morning Line Overlay

15 The Quick Rating Method for Harness Racing

16 The Non-Winners of X Races Lifetime Angle

Tote Board Methods

17 Tote Board Magic

18 Tote Board Magic II

19 Betting Favorites Using the Modified d’Alembert Betting Method

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